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Expert created Ridgway School’s website in 2010, and updated it to be device-responsive in 2014.  In 2020 Ridgway decided it was time to revamp the site to keep up with current trends. Having an online presence that could keep students, caregivers and families up-to-date with the current curriculum, news and upcoming events is vital for the school’s smooth operation.

Our Solution:  Expert had designed and developed an enduring website in MoST Infrastructure Platform, so reskinning it was a very cost-effective option.  From a functionality perspective, Ridgway School’s website did not lose any features as a result of the reskin. We rebranded their content by using new photos, a more modern design, new logo and colours and tidied up the homepage. The website is easy to navigate and is very user-friendly, and having a new ‘look and feel’ has ticked all the boxes for this long established and community-spirited school.

Expert’s Added Value: The website’s ‘Blog’ feature has meant that the Principal has an additional platform to be able to communicate with parents and whanau about issues relating to the school, the curriculum, the board or just education in general. Email and website communication has become vital as more and more busy families rely on technology to receive information from the school.

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